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Link Roundup for Feb. 26, 2009

JonSkeet.BrainDump() Via Twitter, I found Jon Skeet's page of awesomeness.  Lots of .NET articles and a library of miscellaneous utilities.  Check it out! Tips for ASP.NET MVC Views Michael has some good advice on organization for your MVC projects.  If you are working with ASP.NET MVC, you should give it a read. Hanselman does Model Binding, take 2! Here's a fairly detailed example of implementing custom model binding with ASP.NET MVC.  Unfortunately (and this is in no way Hanselman's fault), something as simple as splitting a date and time into two fields requi... [More]

Link Roundup for Feb. 25, 2009

Visual Studio 2010 Eyecandy Jason Zander has posted some pics of the new WPF-based Visual Studio 2010 interface.  Some of the changes are subtle, and overall things look pretty good.  What I don't like is the "New Project" dialog.  What's wrong with the 2008 dialog?  What does the new dialog offer that the current one doesn't, aside from forcing me to scroll and a GIGANTIC pointless thumbnail?  Sure, it looks pretty, but pretty != usable.  When oh when will companies learn the difference... NVigorate: can haz code review? Alex has posted some code... [More]

Managing Database Updates with Batch Scripts...

... or as I like to call it, "A lesson on the pitfalls of doing anything remotely complicated with batch scripting".  To preface all of this, we have a fairly primitive method of managing database schema and data updates for our main product here at Day Job.  The database has a UDF that returns a double-value for the database version.  We then have a template for update scripts that handles the plumbing of checking the version, determining if the update should be applied, applying the update, and then updating the UDF to the correct version number.  This means tha... [More]

Stack Overflow Fallout

Some of you may remember my shock and horror at Jeff Atwood and Joel Spolsky's statements in Episode 38 of the Stack Overflow podcast.  Aside from insulting Uncle Bob, a guy who is a heavy-weight in the world of software engineering, they made several asinine statements about software testing and code quality.  After some back-and-forth blogging, the exchange culminated in Episode 41 of Stack Overflow.  Fortunately, Jeff and Joel somewhat redeemed themselves.  Joel apologized for some of his comments, and Joel and Jeff gave Uncle Bob a chance to explain the SOLID principles... [More]

Link Roundup for Feb. 23, 2009

Mono Options/NDesk Options Simple, C# 3.0-friendly library for working with command-line arguments.  It's too simple for what I need, but hey, it should work for some basic scenarios. Website -> Virtual Directory Inheritance in ASP.NET I ran into a big problem today with ASP.NET barfing over an application that was configured as a virtual directory underneath a website (which itself was running an ASP.NET application at its root).  This post helped me understand what was going on.

Me.Status = Status.Busy

Every semester I think "there is no possible way my workload could get any worse," yet every semester is worse than the one before.  This semester is killing me.  Homework, thesis, project work, real work, baby arrival preparations, and jiu-jitsu are leaving me with almost no free time.  Thankfully Red Bull has not been outlawed in this country (yet), otherwise I wouldn't be able to fit it all in. Anyway, the point of this is that this blog is really suffering.  I'm not doing a decent job (at all) of staying on top of things; I don't even check other blogs in the... [More]

You know what’s awesome?

When Microsoft Word decides to switch the spell check language on you for no apparent reason.  I was typing along, working on my notes for an upcoming test, when all of the sudden it started to flag a lot of words as misspelled.  Things like “integration”, “aggregation”, and “transformation” started showing up with the red squigglies under them.  The spelling suggestions were always things with accent marks, so I started to wonder what the heck was going on.  A quick check of Tools –> Language –> Set Language showed that the document had switched to French spontaneous... [More]

Code that makes you go 'hmmmmmmm'...

Or, in my case, "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH".  Why would someone do this: DateTime.Parse("1/1/1998") Just... why?!?  WHY?!?!  KAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHN!!! Also, for the record, "Start Date" definitely does NOT equal "StartDate".  This is the problem with using magic strings in code.  And yes, I'm behind on blogging.  School is killing me.  I seriously spent about 10 hours over the weekend doing one homework assignment, and I get one assignment like that a week in my Information Retrieval class.  :(

Link Roundup for Feb. 11, 2009

I was way behind on my Google Reader list, so here are the gems for the last few days: Event handlers can cause memory leaks Be careful how you use event handlers in .NET, and be sure you unsubscribe objects that you want GC to clean up. Hanselman Podcast Megalist Hanselman has posted a ton of podcasts that might be of interest to .NET developers.  Personally, I follow Hanselminutes, Stackoverflow (though that one is probably going to be dropped), and ALT.NET.  I used to listen to .NET Rocks, but I really didn’t care for it.  I’ll have to give the rest of his suggestio... [More]

My day as a data analyst

That's right, I have fallen from grace as lead developer and have been reduced to writing mundane SQL to generate spreadsheets for customers.  Fortunately this is just a temporary assignment, but it's a PITA nonetheless.  I did learn a few useful things today though.  First, SQL sucks.  And second, SQL sucks. Third, if you have a really complicated query that's going to require a lot of nested tables and selects, you can really save your sanity by refactoring things into UDFs.  Yeah, it's a little dirty having UDF helpers for what amounts to an ad-hoc query, but it r... [More]