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Link Roundup for Mar. 30, 2009

Visual Studio 2010 Architect Edition AJ has a walk through of some of the new features in the Architect edition of Visual Studio 2010.  As much as everyone loves to hate on UML, there are a few things that it’s very useful for, so I’m glad to see that Visual Studio will support it. MvcContrib 1.0 Ships Apparently that happened on Wednesday last week, but I missed it.  Whoops.  If you are doing MVC development, check out their toolkit before you dig in.  They’ve got helpers and extensions that can really help simplify MVC development. 64 core screenshot This arti... [More]

Naive impressions of Infer.NET

I finally found time to look through Infer.NET.  For those not in the know and too lazy to click on links, Infer.NET is a new projecting coming out of Microsoft Research.  According to them, it’s a framework for machine learning.  They claim that provides a lot of state-of-the-art stuff, including “message passing.”  I’m not sure why “message passing” is an important feature in a package that claims to be for machine learning, but that’s what the website says, so… Despite what the website says, I don’t really see this as being a framework for machine learning.  I see ... [More]

Introducing Knowledge Frontier Miner

I have mentioned my thesis work only vaguely on this blog up until now (mostly out of fear of some shady PhD-by-mail student trying to steal my ideas), but since things are winding down, I think it’s safe to start talking a bit more about what I’m doing.  So, my thesis is in the area of data mining and machine learning.  It was motivated by a fairly common problem: we have a data set that existing machine learning classification techniques are simply unable to model well.  Our hypothesis is that this isn’t due to an inherent limitation of the algorithms; we believe the problem i... [More]

Link Roundup for Mar. 24, 2009

Json.NET 3.5 Update Beta 3 of the Json.NET library is now available.  I’ve used Json.NET for serialization objects in ASP.NET MVC with great success.  ASP.NET Menu + IE8 == SURPRISE! Yeah, who knew that IE8 would cause problems?  To be fair, the ASP.NET Menu really produces awful, terrible, horrendous, other-negative-adjective HTML, so maybe IE isn’t to blame on this one.  On the plus side, there is a patch.  On the downside, you have to install the patch. .NET’s Large Object Heap Andrew Hunter has a very informative post about memory management in .NET.&#... [More]

Link Roundup for Mar. 23, 2009

Ian Cooper on NHibernate Ian has made several posts about NHibernate basics (and beyond).  If you like NHibernate, check them out, and remember that Castle ActiveRecord is built on NHibernate, so most of the same principles apply. Roy Osherove Critiques Unit Tests If you don’t know who Roy is, you probably haven’t been doing unit testing in .NET for very long.  He’s been a bit quieter since he joined the Typemock team (or maybe Twitter is to blame), but he’s started reviewing the unit tests for various open-source projects.  Very cool stuff! … And that’s about it. ... [More]

Dropbox == win

I have started using Dropbox to share files between my numerous workstations that are spread across labs, work, and home.  I previously have used FolderShare (did not like) and am currently using SkyDrive (which is way too manual and clunky to be useful).  So far, I’m really digging Dropbox and its integration with Windows Explorer.  Very slick!  It also has Mac and Linux clients, and judging from the screencasts, it appears that the integration is just as smooth on those operating systems as it is on Windows. Shameless Plug: If you want to try it out, please use this link... [More]

Link Roundup for Mar. 20, 2009

Edward does WPF As someone struggling to get up to speed on WPF, it’s nice to see that I’m not the only one adapting to the new model.  Edward has a string of short, useful posts on WPF topics. Data loss problems in SQL Server 2005/2008 THAT WON’T BE FIXED Yeah, you read that right, there is a bug in SQL Server’s handling of ‘identity’ that can cause it to return incorrect results.  It does not seem to be a commonly-occurring bug, but everyone should be aware of it. Those of us using NHibernate or ActiveRecord can follow Ayende’s advice and use alternative means of generating ... [More]

And the web weeps…

Today, March 19th, 2009, Microsoft officially condemned the web to another decade of pain and suffering.  Today, Microsoft shipped Internet Explorer 8.  I am not a Microsoft hater.  I am a long-time Microsoft developer.  I love their tools and their platform.  But Internet Explorer? That’s a buggy piece of junk that should have been thrown away two versions ago.  What really disappoints me about this is that Microsoft had a chance to do the right thing.  They could have adopted one of the two major open-source rendering engines, both of which are vastly sup... [More]

A summary of text classification/document categorization

I’m currently working on a group project for school in the domain of document categorization, but a large portion of my group knows very little about the area.  So, I decided I would do a write-up that explains the domain, the basics of common approaches, and things of that nature.  What follows is meant to be a high-level crash-course in document categorization, but it is written by someone who is not an expert in the domain.  If you see anything wrong with anything in this post, please let me know. Document Categorization Document categorization deals with the assignment of ... [More]

Link Roundup for Mar. 19, 2009

There’s a lot of really big, cool things coming out of Mix09: Silverlight 3.0 Silverlight has been on my list of things to learn for over a year.  Now I’m even more compelled to get up to speed.  The first beta release is on the Silverlight site now!  ASP.NET MVC 1.0 Yeah, it’s out.  Not much has changed since RC2, so if your app runs fine on RC2, the upgrade path should be almost completely pain free. Microsoft Web Platform Installer and Application Gallery Hanselman has a nice write-up about packaging your web application up for use with the Web Platform Inst... [More]