Failure is inevitable


What makes a developer “great”?

I’ve been thinking recently about how to define the skills and traits that make for a “great” developer.  I’m certainly not an authority on the subject, but I consider myself to be a pretty solid developer.  I’ve worked with some truly stellar people, too, so I know what a great developer looks like.  But as I’ve tried to come up with a description, I’ve found that defining a great developer is a lot harder than recognizing one.  Here are a few traits that I think great developers usually have.  Strong problem-solving skills – Software development is mainly about sol... [More]

Thesis defense complete!

The reason I suddenly went dark (again) was due to an unexpected change in the timing of my thesis defense.  Originally my deadline was July 9th, but I found out at the end of May that I actually had to defend by Friday, June 5th, because some of my committee members were going to be taking extended trips during the summer.  Last week, the schedule was again accelerated, as my defense was moved from June 5th to June 2nd (yesterday).  Fortunately, many late nights and lots of Red Bull were all it took to wrap things up, and I am now all clear to graduate in August.  I have t... [More]