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Using liteGrid with ASP.NET MVC, Part 2 – The LiteGridUpdater

Part 1 – The LiteGridJsonResult In the last post, I showed how we use a custom JsonResult to send data to liteGrid.  Displaying data is great and all, but liteGrid supports client-side editing as well.  With the BatchSaveModule, liteGrid will batch up all the client-side changes and send them to the server in one big lump.  We need an easy, reusable way to process and apply those changes server-side.  Thankfully we now have the LiteGridUpdater class: public abstract class LiteGridUpdater<TModel, TTarget> where TModel : ILiteGridUpdateModel<TTarget> ... [More]

Using liteGrid with ASP.NET, Part 1 &ndash; The LiteGridJsonResult

When I first started building liteGrid, one of my design goals was to build a grid library that worked easily with ASP.NET MVC.   I’m not sure I’ve delivered on that goal, at least not externally.  Internally, we’ve built quite a lot of MVC plumbing that makes working with liteGrid easier.  We have custom JSON result types, view models, helpers, etc.  Sadly time has not yet permitted me to migrate most of these improvements back into the (empty) Visual Studio .NET project that’s in liteGrid, but I plan to start doing that as soon as I have time to do some cleanup and r... [More]

Work-around for jQuery UI Draggable refresh limitation

The jQuery UI draggable plug-in is used within liteGrid by the DraggableRowsModule.  It enables users to rearrange the order of rows as well as to place rows into a hierarchy (if the TreeGridModule is installed).  Recently a request came through to make liteGrid scroll when you are dragging rows.  This becomes very important in large grids when you want to make a newly added row a child of the first row in the grid.  Without scrolling, you must resort to repeatedly drag-and-dropping your way up the list.  This feature sounded easy enough to implement, but like most t... [More]

Recent liteGrid changes

Despite the lack of noise on the topic, liteGrid has received a host of updates recently thanks almost entirely to the efforts of James "poprhythm" Kolpack.  I’ve updated the online demo of liteGrid so you can play with some of the recent changes, which include validation support, checkbox columns, and a slew of other minor improvements.

The New Year &ndash; 2010 Edition

Wow, it’s actually been (a little over) a year since I posted my goals for 2009.  Going back and re-reading those goals, I’m a little surprised at my goals, and saddened that I made so little progress. I thought it might be a healthy exercise to look at how I did in meeting each of my 2009 goals. Goal 1: Get the new layout integrated into this blog. This one isn’t completely my fault, only mostly.  My friend actually decided that he didn’t like the layout he did and wanted to make another one, and I think he hasn’t had time to do that ye... [More]