Failure is inevitable


Verifying NHibernate Entities Contain Only Virtual Members

One requirement that NHibernate imposes on your object model is that all public members must be virtual in order to support lazy loading.  I got really tired of getting a yellow-screen-of-death while working on Fail Tracker every time I added a new member to my domain and forgot to mark it as virtual.  So, I added a simple test to enforce the convention. Here’s the error I was getting just about every single time I added a new property or method to my entities: Annoying.  I prefer to catch things at compile time when possible, and at test-time otherwise.  I hate it when... [More]

Building And Publishing NuGet Packages With psake

I’m a big fan of psake for build and deployment automation.  I know there are a ton of tools for this sort of thing out there, but as an avid user of Powershell, writing build and deploy scripts with psake feels more natural than the alternatives.  In this post, I’ll show you how you can use psake to automate publishing NuGet packages.  More...

Interview Questions

So we’re hiring another senior developer for our team at my day job, and I’ve spent a fair amount of time in the last week brushing up my list of questions (and coding exercises).  There are tons of posts strewn across the web of developer interview questions, but I thought I’d add my own thoughts to the mix.  Here are the questions you’re likely to encounter should you interview with me.   More...

SpecsFor: New Release and A New Home

Good news, everyone!  There’s a new release of SpecsFor out today.  Version 1.1 is a minor update that ships with some additional Resharper Live Templates as well as some Visual Studio snippets for those that are not drinking the Resharper Koolaide (thanks to Brady Gaster) .  Additionally, SpecsFor is moving!  I’m now on the Github bandwagon (and loving it!), so all code, documentation, and releases will now reside there.  New Templates One of the big time-savers of using SpecsFor is the set of Resharper Live Templates (and now, Visual Studio snippets!) that help yo... [More]

CodeStock 2011 Was A Success!

Well, another CodeStock has come and gone.  This year was great.  I’m mentally and physically exhausted (three straight hours of talking wears you out!), but it was well-worth it.  I met some cool people, attended some great sessions, and had a terrific audience for both of my talks.  I’ll be posting more content in the coming weeks spinning out of the conference, and the recordings should be available in the next couple of weeks (I hope).  In the mean time, feel free to hop on over to my github page to check out Fail Tracker, or download the presentations below if you... [More]