Failure is inevitable


Source Code for “Build Your Own Application Framework” Course Online

If you do a quick Google for Fail Tracker, the sample project I used in my Pluralsight course, you will end up at a Github project page for Fail Tracker that I set up back in 2011.  That’s when I first used “Fail Tracker” in a demo (at CodeStock!), and until today, it has hosted only the very old, obsolete version of this application.  I corrected that problem a few moments ago, so the project page now contains the same version of the application that I used in my Pluralsight course.  Enjoy!

Looking For Help with SpecsFor!

With all the things I’ve got going on these days, it’s tough for me to devote time to SpecsFor and SpecsFor.Mvc.  There’s a ton of things to do.  Aside from the periodic bug reports, there are new features I’d love to implement.  There’s also the woefully inadequate documentation that needs some love.  I need some help.  Any help.  If you’re interested in contributing at any level, please ping me.  Specifically, here are the needs I see right now: More cooks in the kitchen. Right now, most of what is in SpecsFor and SpecsFor.Mvc are things I’ve come up wi... [More]

I’m Now Officially a Pluralsight Author!

Yesterday I officially became a Pluralsight author as my first course went live.  It was a lot of work to get here, and I’m very thankful to my friends and family for their support along the way (and to the fine folks at Pluralsight that gave me this opportunity!) I’ll be blogging more about the overall experience of becoming an author in the future.   In the meantime, I invite you to check out my course, “Build Your Own Application Framework with ASP.NET MVC 5.”  I’ll show you how to go beyond the basics of ASP.NET MVC; to bend it to better-meet your needs; to make it int... [More]