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What Time is It (in the cloud with .NET and Azure)?

Seriously, I just need to know what time it is! But that's a harder question to answer these days. *At least* half the apps I work on require some form of "Tell me what's happened **today**" reporting. And **today** depends on where the user is. And **today** where the user is doesn't match **today** where the app is running in Azure, which uses UTC. [More]

Random Link Roundup–9/19/2014

It’s Friday, which means another round-up of useful links.  Oh, and a cat picture! More...

Random Link Roundup–8/22/2014

Happy Friday again!  Here are more random, useful links I’ve come across over the last week. More...

Random Link Roundup

Happy Friday!  Here are some random, useful links I have come across over the last couple of weeks.  More...