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Using Git for Peer Reviews

This post is really more of a reference for me than anything else.  If you’re using Git (and you should be), and you are doing code/peer reviews (you are, right?), there are a few simple commands that can simplify reviewing a feature that’s spread across multiple commits.  Here are those commands. More...

SpecsFor.Mvc 2.0 Released

SpecsFor.Mvc 2.0 is out today.  This release includes drastically improved performance, support for Chrome, and support for the very latest versions of Selenium, ASP.NET MVC, and other libraries. More...

The Decorator Pattern, Done Right, With StructureMap

One of the cool bits of black magic I showed during my “StructureMapping Your Way to Better Software” talk was an extension method for registering decorators using StructureMap.  In this post, I’ll show you how it works.   More...

devLink 2012 Wrap-up

Well, devLink 2012 is over.  I got exactly what I expected out of the event: a great time, some new ideas, some great interactions, and some great experience.  I see now that I was only partially abusing the Pomodoro technique thanks to @joelcochran, I learned a lot about JavaScript from @ifandelse, and I learned that LINQ really has nothing to do with IEnumerable thanks to an awesome presentation by @kodefuguru.  I had a great time talking about SpecsFor and about StructureMap.  My SpecsFor talk was much rougher than any of the other times I’ve presented it, but I’d like... [More]

New Releases: SpecsFor.Mvc 1.4 and MvcDisplayTemplates 2.0

It’s been a quiet few weeks for me after CodeStock, but I’m (finally) wrapping up some neglected tasks.  More...

CodeStock 2012 Wrap Up

Another CodeStock has come and gone.  I had a lot of fun this year, and I feel like I walked away with a lot of new knowledge, new ideas, and even a slightly altered perspective on things.  Thanks, everyone, who attended either of my sessions.  I really enjoyed presenting SpecsFor.Mvc for the first time, and I also enjoyed talking about StructureMap (perhaps a bit too much since I didn’t have enough time to cover everything).  I hope everyone that attended learned at least a little something new.  I had hoped to have my slides and code posted by now, but I just haven’t... [More]

Using SpecsFor.Mvc - Establishing Context with Seed Data

SpecsFor.Mvc gives you a lot in a single NuGet package.  You get a test web host, a strongly-typed API for navigating around and interacting with your MVC app, and standard hooks for dealing with cross-cutting concerns like authentication, but you also get hooks that you can use to add your own behavior.  In this post, I’ll show you how to use one of those hooks to load seed data into your application to facilitate testing. More...

Entity Framework - So close, but yet so far!

I decided to revisit Entity Framework for a project I’m working on.  It’s been a while since the last time I gave EF a fair shake (way back when it was first released).  I can sum up my impressions of the 4.5 version with a single word: disappointing.  EF has come a very long way since the initial release, no question about that, but there are still so many areas where NHibernate trumps it that I can’t imagine using it for a real production app.  Code First is a pale imitation of Fluent NHibernate, and EF’s schema generation capabilities are very limited compared to what NH... [More]

See me at devLink 2012!

I’m going to be attending and speaking at devLink this year!  This will be my first year attending, but I’ve always heard great things about it and I’m very much looking forward to experiencing it first-hand.  And if you can’t catch me at devLink in August, don’t forget that I’ll be at CodeStock next month, too!

Musings on SpecsFor 3.0

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the current short-comings of SpecsFor.  While I’m pretty happy with the end-user experience, the internals have become complex and confused.  I’m also encountering new testing scenarios as I’m writing more and more full integration specs with SpecsFor, and I’m finding that SpecsFor isn’t able to help with those scenarios in the ways I would like for it to.  I have some ideas for SpecsFor 3.0 that I think will simplify the core while also making SpecsFor more flexible and more powerful. More...